New Flower Varieties for 2016

Snapdragon "Pretty in Pink", a new perennial variety

Every year we like to include some new varieties that we haven't grown before to add to the mix of colours and forms in our existing repertoire of flowers and foliages. It also means we can respond to requests for emerging colour trends etc - the wedding flower market is very fluid and the popularity of certain flowers and colour combinations is forever changing.

In terms of current trends, the desire for the "just-picked", garden style is showing no signs of abating and is growing ever stronger, which is fine by us! Evolving from this for 2016, we've noticed an increased demand for having lots of different colours in a range of tones to give a more meadowy, random feel.

Also, the demand for the apricots, peaches and burnt oranges seems to be still going strong. We've also noticed over the last couple of years that the deeper pinks and maroons are really liked. Here are some of the new varieties that we're including this year in addition to all the old favourites....

Zelie Billins is a florist growing and selling English country garden flowers in East Sussex