A Lovely Tipi Wedding in West Sussex

Welcome to 2016! At this time of year the growing side of things can only be done in short bursts when it's not pouring with rain or the ground not rock hard with frost. It's always nice to think back to sunny days and buckets of freshly picked blooms overflowing with their flowery harvest. Last May we did flowers for a perfect English country wedding.

The brief was natural, relaxed, seasonal flowers in a jumble of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. The church was decorated with a garland over the lynch gate, milk churns at the door and little buckets of mixed arrangements tied to pews. The reception was held in a nearby field in a gloriously capacious tipi, with trugs and jam jars of flowers galore. It was a truly English country affair! Beautiful photos taken by Scott Wilson at Life in Focus.

Zelie Billins is a florist growing and selling English country garden flowers in East Sussex