The Cut Flower Garden in Winter


So, it's the middle of February and the weather has been pretty dire to say the least over the last few weeks. The incessant rain and resultant waterlogged ground has put the brakes on any digging and planting which is a source of frustration! However, in between the bouts of drizzle, lots of weeding, cutting back and general tidying has been done, as well as mulching when the ground has not been frozen.

It's always good to get as much done and out of the way before the busy seed-sowing and planting out in Spring takes over. The poly tunnel is filled with seedlings and young plants between the dormant dahlias. It's not a huge tunnel so every last inch is productive. Will be glad to have some dry sunny days soon and am imagining the teeny seedlings as a mass of stems and leaves, topped with flowers in all different colours...

Zelie Billins is a florist growing and selling English country garden flowers in East Sussex