Spring in the Garden

Sunny garden

Can't believe it's the 1st May already! It's been a mixed bag so far this year, with some really warm weather interspersed with icy winds and cold nights. Everything in the garden and field is coming along nicely, I'm making an effort to take lots of photos to record how things develop over the growing season. Main tasks done so far include moving all our hydrangeas from the field to a sheltered spot out of the wind and sun as they were getting scorched in their exposed position. Also have been weeding like mad to get on top of it before we get too busy with other things!

It's amazing how things grow so quickly in such a short space of time, I love this time of year as everything is full of promise and it all looks so green and fresh. Orlaya, ammi, ranunculus and cornflowers in the polytunnel are just about to flower, and outside we have sweet rocket, viburnum opulus, dicentra and some tulips and narcissus.

Zelie Billins is a florist growing and selling English country garden flowers in East Sussex