Tulips in May

The tulips are here looking lovely. We haven't got that many this year but we always plant at least enough for a wedding or two, and we make sure we choose the more unusual varieties that you don't see so often in the shops! They really are a versatile cut flower as they can come in several forms, my favourite being the double types, e.g "Angelique" (pale pink) and "Mount Tacoma" (white) which have more petals and look lovely in a mixed bridal bouquet.

We are madly in love with double flowers here but always bear in mind that they don't make good flowers for pollinating insects so we make sure that we plant other nectar-rich things to make up for this. See http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/Sustainable-gardening/Plants-for-pollinators

Zelie Billins is a florist growing and selling English country garden flowers in East Sussex