New Greenhouse Excitement!!!

We have finally had our lovely new greenhouse erected, and it has surpassed all our expectations, it is truly a thing of proper engineering and beauty. It means we can shelter all our vulnerable seedlings from the unpredictable weather, plus it has a divine scent of fresh cedar wood. We used to have a flimsy aluminium one that had panes of glass held in with hopeless little clips.

Each time there was more than the gentlest waft of wind the glass panes would pop out and shatter all over the ground, not fun at all! So we now have the real deal, it is already packed full of seedlings and the odd tomato plant and sits happily at the end of our ornamental garden.

We just need some polytunnels in the field now.... Pottering in the greenhouse is one of the nicest things to do if you're into gardening there's no doubt about it!

Zelie Billins is a florist growing and selling English country garden flowers in East Sussex