Wedding Flowers at Farbridge

Farbridge is a lovely wedding venue near Chichester, which is a bit of a journey for us from here in East Sussex. Quite fortuitously though it is literally 5 mins away from West Dean gardens, which is one of the most inspiring and well-managed walled kitchen gardens ever. So... once we had set up the flowers we had a little outing...

Anyway, back to the flowers... the brief was informal, country style, using just whites and greens to complement the rustic but chic stone barn.  So we used a mixture of larkspur, roses, sweet peas, cow parsley, astrantia and some stocks with foliage like senecio. For the tables we put the flowers in some zinc jugs and the bouquets were bound with some hessian and raffia.

It all looked really pretty and the bride was very happy! It's always at the forefront of our minds when selecting flowers and making up the scheme to avoid a "twee" effect when doing unstructured, country arrangements. I think we managed it!

Zelie Billins is a florist growing and selling English country garden flowers in East Sussex